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Tray Denester

This device is designed to separate trays from stacks and deliver them individually to any conveyor.

The denester is a device that separates trays from a stack in such a way that one tray is fed per cycle of the device. Depending on the cooperating receiving conveyor, the denester can cyclically feed single trays at a set speed on the screen or wait for a signal to feed them (e.g., from an occupancy sensor on the conveyor).

Depending on the chosen solution, the device can be equipped with a buffering system and automatic feeding of stacks of trays to the screw separator where the separation process takes place. Trays fed by the separator fall by gravity onto any conveyor or table provided. The stack buffering system detects the presence of the last stack and informs the operator with a light and sound signal about the need to add more, in order to maintain continuous loading. The operation of the automatic stack loading does not interfere with the operation of the tray denester.

Once adapted to your line, this product is ready for implementation within 12 weeks.

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