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Shuttle conveyor (Retracting conveyor)

Shuttle Conveyor is a versatile device designed for working with fresh products. It can perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Dropping (e.g., onto smoking/baking/drying trays)
  • Applying (a portion of product onto another product)
  • Feeding (e.g., into trays or containers)
  • Sorting (by discharging onto different fields within the conveyor’s stroke range)

The device can work with any forming or slicing machine. Thanks to the use of a servo drive, the discharging movement is highly dynamic and fully adapted to the transported product. Dropping is carried out automatically using a built-in sensor or an external signal.

All operating parameters and settings can be conveniently entered from the HMI panel located on the control cabinet.

Once adapted to your line, this product is ready for implementation within 12 weeks.

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