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Packaging support lines and equipment

We offer optimal solutions and design lines that maximize the capabilities of packaging machines.

We build equipment that speeds up the packaging process and devices that improve employee comfort and efficiency in existing lines.

We assist in the selection of packaging machines and quality control devices for newly created lines.

We optimize the packaging process using devices such as:

  • Line convergers – Their task is to separate the arrangement of packages onto a single stream so that they can be effectively subjected to automated quality control.
  • Pad applicators – Devices equipped with a magazine that directly feeds absorbent pads into the packaging machine.
  • Tray feeders – devices equipped with a magazine that dispense individual trays onto the production line or table.
  • Shuttle conveyor – Multi-function shuttle conveyors – conveyors that perform various tasks (stacking, loading into trays, sorting products).
  • Workstations – designed according to ergonomic principles, typically consisting of a work table, conveyors, magazines, and tool holders.
  • Case packer – a device that assists in loading packaged products into bulk packaging or boxes.
  • In-line rejectors – devices that reject products from the line that do not meet production requirements (controlled by weight or detector).
  • Sorting devices – devices that sort packages, e.g. at the end of the line, counting off a selected number of packages for each conveyor belt at the end of the line.

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