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IFF Line Converger

The device is designed to receive packaged food products from a thermoforming packaging machine. The task of the IFF line converger is to arrange the packages in such a way that at the outlet of the device the packages are lined one after the other in a row at specified intervals.

The IFF line converger can operate in both dry and wet areas, as it is fully hygienic and resistant to high humidity.

The device uses an innovative approach to the problem of drive transmission compared to devices previously available on the market. The drives of the input distribution and output conveyors are located inside the automation box, and the drive is transferred directly, thus eliminating the often failing toothed belts.

In addition, thanks to the transfer of the drives inside the control cabinet, it is possible to wash the device with a direct stream of water.

Technical Description:

  • Servo motors in the dividing section
  • Direct drives on all conveyors
  • Main drives located in the automation box
  • Simple and reliable mechanical design
  • Powered side belts
  • Highly water-resistant construction
  • Easy to maintain hygiene
  • Modern design

Device Description:

  • Possibility to work in a technological line
  • At one of our customers, we achieved a capacity of 12 cycles per minute
  • The solution increased productivity by as much as 51.5%

Once adapted to your line, this product is ready for implementation within 12 weeks.

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