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Automatic Crepe Line

This device is designed to work with a crepe baking machine that delivers crepes, divided into portions in three rows of rectangular or round shape, to the input conveyor belt of the rolling machine. The task of the rolling machine is to take the portion, transport it under the nozzles of the external vacuum filling machine, and send a signal to start dispensing. The filled crepes are then transported to the automatic rolling section.

Automatic rolling is achieved thanks to a set of pneumatic nozzles and mechanical grippers that, thanks to an appropriate sequence, initially roll up both sides and cause the front part to be rolled up and the portion to be rolled up before entering the pressing section. The pressing section on the output conveyor belt is based on a steel mesh belt that presses gravitationally from the top, generating resistance for the crepe moving under it on the conveyor belt, which ultimately results in its additional pressing and tightening. After leaving the rolling section, the product exits onto the work surface for manual collection.

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