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About Us

From a quantum physics perspective, we are a collection of vibrating particles. At bePROTO, we believe that every object has its own energy or vibration that it emanates. The type of vibration it has depends on a great many factors, such as the material it is made from, its shape, the precision of its manufacture, or even its intended purpose. All of these characteristics influence the human senses, evoking different feelings and emotions.

At bePROTO, we know that the life of every part begins at the moment of its design – this is the moment when we give objects their later energy, their soul. Therefore, we pay special attention to creating each part with the thought of how it will affect others, starting from the people who will make and assemble it, through the users, and ending with the service technicians. We deeply believe that it is people who give energy to objects, and this is the case at every stage of their “life”.


With full commitment, we deliver tailored solutions for specific needs.

We build machines that enhance user comfort while increasing their productivity.

We design simple yet robust solutions that do not require frequent maintenance.

Making a positive impact on the environment is important to us, so we build durable machines using recyclable materials.

Our work is based on good communication with employees and customers.

We are open to sharing knowledge and experience with our partners.

Our Values

Commitment – means not giving up, searching for a solution until a sense of rightness is achieved

Relationships – often not easy or pleasant, yet when built on honesty and mutual authenticity, they lead to extraordinary successes beyond reach by any other means.

Openness – growth fuelled by the collective energy of all involved. Openness to ideas is a way to solve complex problems. Openness to new things is about looking for opportunities where others lacked the courage.

Reliability – efficient execution of projects, agreements and goals in the shortest possible time.

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